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Know India Programme (KIP) launched by Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi has been a huge success.

2. Following the success of the KIP for younger generation of PIOs, it is proposed to launch a special KIP providing the elder generation in the age group of 45-65 year an opportunity to reconnect with their root. The programme will be available for those PIOs in Girmitiya countries (Latin American countries) who belong to lower income group and are unable to afford to visit India. It is expected that the programme will be useful in propagating India-tourism amongst other PIOs and foreigners encouraging them to visit India at their own cost.

3.  Highlights of the Scheme are as below:
i)     The special KIP will be applicable to PIOs in the age group of 45-65 years from 7 Girmitiya countries (Fiji, Guyana, Mauritius, South Africa, Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago, Reunion Island) subject to having the medical fitness certificate.

ii)    The applicant should be first time visitor to India.

iii)  Applicant must be from the low income group or must be in a financial position where they would otherwise be unable to pay for travel to India on their own accord.

iv)  There would be two groups visiting India every year.

v)  90% of the cost of international airfare will be borne by the Ministry. 10% of the cost will be borne by the PIO himself. Visa will be issued gratis.

vi) Complete local hospitality including hotel accommodation all meals and local transportation will be provided by the Ministry. The tour could be undertaken by Train (Two tier AC Coach)

vii)  Applicant must submit a medical fitness report and copy of a valid international travel insurance and medical insurance policy – for duration of his/her visit to India – a copy of which will be given to the Mission/Post before ticket is issued.

viii)  First special KIP is scheduled from  20  January (arrival in Delhi) to 10 February (departure) 2019 coinciding with PBD Convention 2019, with the itinerary of “Delhi-Varanasi-Allahabad-Delhi-Rajasthan-Uttar Pradesh-Bihar-Tamil Nadu-Kerala”. Participants of the first special KIP will also join PBD Convention 2019 in Varanasi, Kumbh Snan in Allahabad and Republic Day Parade in New Delhi. Applicants applying for the first Special KIP has to register for PBD Conventiion, 2019, Kumbh Snan and Republic Day Parade through PBD website.
viii)  Second Special KIP will be organised from   31 January to 16 February 2019 with the itinerary of “Delhi-Rajasthan-Uttar Pradesh-Bihar-Tamil Nadu-Kerala”.

4.    Formal announcement of the Special KIP will be made through KIP online Portal (www.kip.gov.in) at a later date.




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