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On the invitation of the President of the Regional Council, Mr. Didier Robert, his Excellency, Dr Karan Singh, President of theIndian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) with the rank of Cabinet Minister visited Reunion Island from 1-2 October 2012 for aprogramme on the theme of AHIMSA (non-violence) which was organized by the Association Reunionnaise Des Relations et Creations Culturelles (ARRCC) with the support of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, the Consulate General of India, the Regional Council and other organisations. This was the first ever Minister level visit from India.

Dr Karan Singh was the guest of honour at the joint dance performance on 1st Oct 2012 at Champ Fleuri Theater. The Indian Council for Cultural Relations sponsored the visit of the well known Chhau dance group of Shashadhar Acharya and the classical music group of O.S. Arun for participating in this special performance. O.S. Arun is one of the well known Carnatic musicians in India and also called the ‘Prince Charming of Carnatic music (the classical music of south India). He is not only an accomplished singer, (he is innovative and has sung Tamil ghazals for the first time) but also a composer of music for Indian dance and he has composed the music for the collaborative gala performance scheduled for the 1st of October 2012 at Champ Fleuri.

Acharya Shashadhar is an eminent dancer and choreographer, the fifth generation performer of the beautiful dance form Seraikella Chhau from the State of Jharkhand in India. Chhau is a beautiful stylized masked dance and Acharya Shashadhar has performed in Reunion before. He has choreographed the gala performance on 1st Oct 2012.

Dr Karan Singh was received by the President of the Regional Council Mr. Didier Robert and was the keynote speaker at the Seminar on 2nd Oct 2012 at the Regional Council and was given a standing ovation after his speech.

An exhibition of Gandhijis photographs (courtesy of the Consulate General of India) was inaugurated in the foyer of the Regional Council on 2nd Oct 2012 by Dr Karan Singh and Mr. Didier Robert, the President of the Regional Council. Dr Karan Singh paid homage at the Gandhi Statue at St-Denis on 2nd Oct 2012 where he was received by the Mayor of Saint-Denis, Mr. Gilbert Annette and other dignitaries. Dr Karan Singh also briefly visited the Temple of Saint-Denis.

As cultural interaction between India and Reunion strengthens, the ICCR has contributed to this effort through sponsoring at least one or two troupes/exhibition etc. every year for Reunion Island and this is testimony of the importance India attaches to its cooperation with Reunion Island.

The series of events under the theme ‘AHIMSA’ or non-violence were inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy of AHIMSA which is very relevant today, is unique and is representative of the shared and diverse cultures of India and Reunion.

The Cultural Performances/Exhibitions that were organized as part of AHIMSA were (*click here)

All the events were well attended and covered by the media and the high quality of the performances and exhibits were appreciated.

Click here for photos of H.E Dr Karan Singh's arrival at the airport .

Click here for photos of The colloquium on non-violence held at the Regional Council of Reunion Island .

Click here for photos of the program held at Champ Fleuri Theatre to celebrate Ahimsa .

Click here for photos of the visit of H.E Dr Karan Singh at the Salt March Museum of Reunion Island .

Click here for photos of the tribute to the Statue of Gandhi at Reunion Island .

Click here for photos of the Breakfast of Dr Karan Singh with the Council of Indian Associations at Reunion (CAIR) .






15TH Sept 2012 – Jan 2013,Musée du Sel, Saint Leu

Digital Exhibition on Gandhiji (Sponsored by the Aditya Birla group).


29th Sept. 2012 to 15th Nov 2012,Old Town Hall St-Denis

29th Sept. 2012, 18H30 - Inauguration of Benoy Behl’s exhibition and Music program by O.S.Arun group.

Photo-exhibition of Mr. Benoy Behl, a well Known Indian photographer and Art historian, along with photographs of local photographers.


1st Oct. 2012,18H00 Champ Fleuri Theater St-Denis

Soirée de gala, Spectacle (Joint dance performance) including artistes from India (Acharya Shashadar group & O.S.Arun group, P. Narendran & Deepmala) and from Mauritius and Reunion.


2nd Oct. 201209H00 - 18H30 Regional Council

  1. Inauguration of Gandhi Exhibition in the foyer.

  2. Seminar on the theme of AHIMSA- Keynote address by Dr Karan Singh

  3. Music Concert by O.S.Arun group.


4th Oct. 201220H00 Conservatoire Saint-Benoit

Joint Performance of Indian and Reunionnaise artistes and from Mauritius including the Acharya Shashadar group & O.S.Arun group, P. Narendran & Deepmala.


6th Oct. 2012,19H00 Médiathèque Saint-Denis

  1. Function at Gandhi statue at St-Denis to commemorate the International Day of Non-Violence including making a “Mandala”.

  2. Chhau Dance performance by Shashadhar Acharya and his group.


7th Oct. 2012,18H30. Old Town Hall St-Denis

Carnatic Music performance by O.S.Arun group.




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